Servidores de Jogos

Maximum control over responsive design thanks to customizable spacing presets using modern CSS functions such as “clamp”.

Web Jogos

Benefit from various extensions and additions in the Site Editor: Multiple button variations, hover styles and fluid font sizes – it’s all there!

Projetos de Sites

Don’t worry whether your website code is accessible. You put in the creativity, Greyd does the coding. The results are superfast websites!

And there’s even more!

Discover our Greyd.Suite

Greyd Plugin

The Greyd Plugin offers you a comprehensive set of features for creating and managing professional websites. From powerful extensions for the Block & Site Editor to a feature-rich website management platform with time-saving admin functions.

Dynamic Templates

Discover a new generation of WordPress templates! By fully separating content, design and layout we enable you to use the same template at different places with different content, in different designs and even with different layouts.


Create any type of form with our block-based form generator. From simple contact forms with double opt-in to complex multistep forms with CRM connection, conditions and mathematical calculations, anything is possible!

Global Content

With Global Content in Greyd.Suite you can use WordPress like a headless CMS. Synchronize content and elements on any number of websites and even across installations. Benefit from massive time savings in content management.

Why it exists, you might ask?

We built the tool we knew we all needed.
Including you.

Our ambition

We spent years in the web agency and website creation industry: our biggest challenge was having to start each and every project from scratch.

Our story

Greyd was born in response to the everyday struggles people and businesses face with WordPress, where page builders, themes, and plugins often fall short.

Style Guide

Build and share your design viewing all affected elements.


Primary Color

Secondary Color

Tertiary Color

Very Dark


Medium Dark

Medium Light


Very Light


Heading Font & Sizes

Headline 1

Headline 2

Headline 3

Headline 4

Headline 5
Headline 6

Body Font & Default Size


100 – Thin

200 – Extra Light

300 – Light

400 – Regular

500 – Medium

600 – Semi-Bold

700 – Bold

800 – Extra Bold

900 – Black

Spacing Sizes